Politico features Latino health reform story

Francisca Rivas opens the bottle of medicine she takes for arthritis pain. As a legal permanent resident, the 60-year-old is hoping she will qualify for benefits under the new health care reform law Congress passed last spring. (Lauren M. Whaley/CHCF Cent

National news site Politico published senior writer John Gonzales' story on how the 48 million Latino residents of the U.S. have a great deal to gain from the federal health reform law. Read "Reform holds huge gains for Latinos."

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California Latinos big winners in health reform

In the two years since Maria Elena Núñez lost her health coverage, she has begun limping through stinging foot pain – a symptom of the diabetes that killed her father, debilitates her sister, and is found disproportionately among Latinos.
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Francisca Rivas


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