Capital Public Radio features Modesto uninsured project

Reporter Jocelyn Wiener appeared on Capital Public Radio's Insight on Wednesday to discuss the project "Don't Get Sick: Crisis in Coverage." The Center partnered with The Modesto Bee to produce the project, which spanned three days and included 18 stories and four audio slideshows. Wiener talks about how across class lines, people are struggling to access care -- or simply are going without. Listen here.

Ask Emily on Capitol Public Radio: Open Enrollment II

This segment originally appeared on Capitol Public Radio's Insight program.  Open enrollment for Covered California and the private market begins Nov. 15 and goes through Feb. 15, 2015. What do consumers need to know when choosing...

Non-Profit Pushes to Reform Assisted Living in California

Many of us dream of starting a revolution. Few of us make it happen. One of the most dramatic stories of the last year belongs to a loose collection of activists, working to reform assisted living in California. Together with journalists and...

Are Proposed Assisted Living Reforms Enough?

Over the last 25 years, the number of assisted living facilities in California has almost doubled. The homes are intended to care for relatively independent, healthy seniors -- but that doesn't describe a lot of the people living in them...


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