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The Fresno Bee

The ACA in California one year in

In Valley, Affordable Care Act called a blessing or a nightmare

The Affordable Care Act gets mixed reviews after its first year in the central San Joaquin Valley. Many consumers say it’s a blessing to have insurance for the first time.
Maria Antunez of Fresno
Mental Health Peers

Mental health team embedded in primary care

The depression started after Maria Antunez was diagnosed with breast cancer. Without warning, tears would fall and not stop.
High rates of California heart procedures

Valley heart procedure rates among highest in California

People who live between Fresno and Bakersfield are more likely to undergo procedures for clogged arteries than almost any other Californians, according to a new study.

Diabetes in the Central Valley

Valley residents learn difficulties of living with diabetes

Ramona G. Marquez, of Calwa, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, learned she had diabetes about 30 years ago. She worked as a telephone operator helping people place calls to Mexico. She had to stop working and go on disability. She went to the doctor because "I was shaking all the time," she said.

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