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The Press-Enterprise

15-month-old girl gets her first MMR dose. (Lauren M. Whaley/CHCF Center for Health Reporting)

Thousands of kindergarteners enter school with incomplete immunizations

Thousands of kindergartners in Riverside and San Bernardino counties were conditionally enrolled in school this year without being fully vaccinated, state data show. Vaccination rates and policies have come under scrutiny because of the recent measles outbreak that has sickened 141 people in 17 states since an initial exposure at the California Disney resorts in December. Most of those infected had not been vaccinated.
Ask Emily

Riverside: 'Ask Emily' columnist to speak on Obamacare

Emily Bazar — better known as the Ask Emily columnist who dissects Obamacare in newspapers, on the web and over the airwaves — is coming to Riverside next week to answer the public’s questions about healthcare reform.

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