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Deadly Neglect (Part III)

San Diego County OKs rating system for disabled and elderly homes

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to spend up to $250,000 over the next two years to set up a voluntary rating system for assisted living homes across San Diego County.
Deadly Neglect (Part III)

County Approves Care-Home Reforms

San Diego County officials launched an effort to protect residents of assisted living centers on Tuesday, increasing oversight staff, focusing prosecutions and partnering to offer more site-specific information for consumers.
Deadly Neglect (Part III)

Assisted Living Home Probes Too Slow, Say Complaints

Two days after Gary Ernst moved his 89-year-old mother into The Manse assisted living home in Vista, he found her badly infected, dehydrated and covered in bruises.
Deadly Neglect (Part III)

Lawmakers hear assisted-living concerns

State regulators are fundamentally failing residents of assisted living homes for the elderly, leading to abuse, neglect and death, according to testimony on Tuesday at two legislative hearings.
Deadly Neglect (Part I)

Specific care-home reform proposals

The following bills were proposed Monday to overhaul residential care facilities for the elderly, or RCFEs.
Deadly Neglect (Part II)

MAIN STORY: Medical errors plague care homes

At least 80 times in recent years, employees at San Diego County assisted living homes overlooked serious medical issues, gave the wrong medication or otherwise failed to properly care for vulnerable seniors.
Deadly Neglect (Part II)

Assisted living fines often go uncollected

When the California Department of Social Services issues fines to assisted living homes for failing to properly care for elderly residents, the owners are told to pay within 10 days.
Deadly Neglect (Part I)

Surprised and appalled, legislators pledge assisted living reforms

California lawmakers pledged to increase penalties and boost inspections in response to "Deadly Neglect," a three-day series published this week by U-T San Diego that showed serious deficiencies in the state's assisted-living homes.
Deadly Neglect (Part I)

Crimes go uninvestigated at assisted living homes

Elder abuse, sexual assault and other acts regularly go uninvestigated as crimes at assisted living homes across California, as the facilities fall into a jurisdictional haze in which the first response is often administrative sanctions.
Deadly Neglect (Part I)

Payoffs alleged at assisted living centers

State officials received a complaint in 2007 alleging that residents at the Ambassador Senior Retreat, an assisted living home in Mira Mesa, were overmedicated and underfed and that the food they were served was not healthy.

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