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Pharmacists' New Roles

For diabetics, the best doctor may be a pharmacist

Elba Santos, 63, rolled up her black trousers so Ryan Gates could examine her shins and feet. Gates touched a beet red area, asking if it hurt. Santos winced and nodded. “Even just from breathing, the pain hurts down here,” she said.
Pharmacists' New Roles

Prescription for Success: Caring

When pharmacist Steve Chen first saw him, Mike Metcalfe was straight out of a hospital ward following an eight-day diabetic coma. He was 50, homeless, weighed 300 pounds, and his doctor had given up on him.
Pharmacists' New Roles

Increased responsibility pays health dividends

Jose Navarro regularly trekked to the drugstore after being diagnosed as a diabetic seven years ago. In a sign of transformation in the local fight against diabetes, the pharmacist is now coming to him.
Specialist Shortage

Medi-Cal patients finding it tough to see specialists

Fifty-year-old Long-Beach resident Sovothy Pak is on Medi-Cal, the state’s low-income health insurance program, and that turned out to be a complication when tumors from her cervical cancer began bleeding.
Narrow Networks

Some doctors back away from Obamacare

The Riverside Medical Clinics — with 140 doctors in five offices — is one of the largest providers of health services in the county. But it won’t be participating in the new health exchange marketplace called Covered California.
Health Insurance Agents

New insurance law: Long hours, low commissions for agents

When a client called with questions about applying for insurance under the new health care law, Bay Area insurance agent Simon Chew tried to help.

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