Sarah Hellesen

Sarah Hellesen

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Insurance Agents

Many agents still waiting to be paid for Obamacare enrollments

California health insurance agents are by far the most popular way for consumers to enroll in new Obamacare coverage.
Dental Insurance

Covered California delays adult dental options

California adults hoping to purchase dental coverage through Covered California will have to wait until next year – or later – due to problems with the agency’s computer system.

Judging income, and tax credits, can get messy

One year into Obamacare, many Californians are still confused about how their income will affect their coverage costs. As Emily Bazar recently reported, some consumers have had their plans canceled after reporting income changes to Covered California.

More Californians complain of plan cancellations

As Emily Bazar reported in a recent Ask Emily column, an untold number of people have been dropped from their Covered California health plans

The Young Invincibles: A Key to Obamacare Success

Now that Obamacare is underway, what happened with the much-discussed demographic group known as the “young invincibles”?

You might be surprised.

Can young invincibles clear Obamacare's hurdles?

Cody Drabble, 28, initially considered himself one of the “young invincibles,” a member in good standing of the younger generation who are 

Ask Emily

Some Covered California applicants can’t get confirmation on health insurance

Margaret Rhode didn’t procrastinate. As soon as enrollment for health insurance plans began in October, she was on the Covered California website, seeking coverage for her 52-year-old son. Applying online, however, turned out to be more complicated than she anticipated.

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