Preventing subsequent suicide attempts one phone call at a time

In Sacramento, there’s a unique partnership between a hospital and a clinic that takes a hands-on approach to the devastating problem of suicide (that kills nine people every day in California). It’s a suicide prevention arrangement that targets people who have already tried to take their own lives. And it’s all done over the phone.

Non-Profit Pushes to Reform Assisted Living in California

Many of us dream of starting a revolution. Few of us make it happen. One of the most dramatic stories of the last year belongs to a loose collection of activists, working to reform assisted living in California. Together with journalists and...

Are Proposed Assisted Living Reforms Enough?

Over the last 25 years, the number of assisted living facilities in California has almost doubled. The homes are intended to care for relatively independent, healthy seniors -- but that doesn't describe a lot of the people living in them...

Ask Emily on Marketplace Money: Navigating Your Health Care Bill

This segment originally appeared on Marketplace Money. Emily Bazar joins Marketplace Money guest host David Lazarus of the LA Times to explain how to navigate your health care bill, something she previously covered in her column, "Ask...


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