Inland Empire Health Plan
A huge Medi-Cal contractor struggles with massive enrollment increase

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The Inland Empire Health Plan is one of the largest Medi-Cal plans in the state, serving the counties of Riverside and San Bernardiino. The Affordable Care Act boosted Medi-Cal enrollment in the two counties past one million, and now the question is whether there are enough doctors to meet the demand.


INLAND: Medi-Cal contractor struggles with more patients, less pay

At midmorning, the two parking lots are full and cars line the curb. Inside, the waiting room of the LaSalle Pediatric Medical Clinic in San Bernardino is packed.


Ronald Campbell

Ronald Campbell

Ronald Campbell analyzes health care data and costs. Before joining the Center he was a staff writer at the Orange County Register for more than 25 years. He founded the Register’s program in computer-assisted reporting. He has written extensively about the census, immigration, white-collar crime and the trade in human body parts. He has won the Gerald Loeb Award, the IRE Award and placed third in the Philip Meyer Award. He lives in Orange County, Calif. In his spare time he hikes and rock climbs.

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