Vulnerable on Medicare?
Proposal would hurt California hospitals

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With pressure rising to reduce Medicare spending, doctors and hospitals in California worry they could once again be the primary targets. The state's hospitals have particular reason for concern. A new study by the Institute of Medicine says Medicare reimbursements at California hospitals would fall 3-4 percent, on average, if the national system were made to be more equitable. That masks reductions in certain metropolitan areas that would be much higher -- such as Santa Cruz's proposed 17.3 percent reduction. In general, California rural areas would be the biggest losers.


Proposed rate changes for California doctors

A table of the percent change proposed for California physician reimbursement by county.

Proposed rate changes for California hospitals

A table of the percent change proposed for California hospital reimbursement by county.

Study cuts Medicare payments to California hospitals

Already reeling from big cutbacks in Medicare funding, California hospitals would lose another 3-4 percent of their federal reimbursement under a new analysis ordered up by Congress.


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