Lonely Seniors
Too many San Francisco seniors are deeply isolated and lonely. Several Bay Area organizations are working to change that

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San Francisco has the highest percentage of people over 60 of any urban county in California. Almost a fourth of them live alone. Some are depressed by the loss of a loved one. Others suffer vision or hearing loss, further isolating them from interacting with others. But organizations like Friendship Line make sure seniors aren’t alone, calling them as often as twice a day. Others, like Senior Center Without Walls, have seniors call in for classes and discussions.


Seniors find lifeline in phone support groups

A small nonprofit is among several organizations in the region striving to tackle a growing and frequently unrecognized problem among seniors: loneliness and social isolation.


Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Claudia Boyd-Barrett is a writer for the Center for Health Reporting at the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics.

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