Newborn Promise

Oakland 'godmother’ who curbed black infant death rate retires

Oakland reluctantly parted with a godmother last week, as public health nurse Sandra Tramiel made the final rounds of a career devoted to reducing an African American infant mortality rate that remains among the most stubborn in the country.

Midwives and Docs

California's licensed midwives push for more responsibility

For her second child, Angie Rivera chose to give birth not at a hospital, but at the Community Birth Center on West Florence Avenue in South Los Angeles. Angie’s husband, Joseph O’Day and her midwife, Racha Tahani Lawler, were by her side for the...

Baby Time

California’s generous maternity leave benefits sometimes unknown to working parents

For parents of newborns – or those expecting one – congratulations! And start planning.

Scheduling baby's birthday

U.S. delivers too many preemies. California does too

If California were a country, it would tie with Fiji for the percentage of babies born too early. In 2010, nearly 10 babies out of every 100 were born before 37 weeks of gestation.

Scheduling baby's birthday

Questions and answers about early elective childbirth

We’ve reported extensively on how hospitals across the state and country are reducing early elective deliveries of babies.

Scheduling baby's birthday

The Myth of the Big Baby

My friend had been pushing for four hours. “You have a size nine baby coming out of a size seven pelvis,” her doctor said.

Scheduling baby's birthday

KPCC: Childbirth by appointment

Corrie Carroll’s husband travels for work a lot. So, when it came time to give birth to their daughter, the couple made an appointment. Carroll said the experience was perfect. “He arrived home from Europe on a Wednesday night and we drove to the...

Rethinking Early Childbirth

Feds announce plan to reduce early elective births

Now the feds are jumping in. This morning, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced a national campaign to reduce elective deliveries of babies before 39 weeks of pregnancy, saying the effort will improve care and save millions.


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