Access to Care

Mental Breakdown

Mental health care breaking down in Stanislaus

They appear here after every other door has been shut on them. Some are haunted by multiple voices or schizophrenia, others paralyzed by anxiety and depression. Inside this simply furnished room at the Stanislaus chapter office of the National...

Cavity Kids

Oversight needed to improve Sacramento's dental plan

Recent media coverage of Sacramento County's failed dental program for poor children has sparked intense outcry, with elected officials and children's advocates leveling some of their harshest criticism at dental plans. Executives for one of those...

Deadly risks

Out of family's surgical tragedy, a lesson in health care

Jerry Magner tried to reassure his son Chuck that he had been through all of this before and just wanted to get back home to his wife of 60 years, who was recently diagnosed with dementia. Magner was headed into surgery last summer to clean out a...

Massive cuts to in-home care blocked. For now.

Most of the mid-year budget cuts that Gov. Jerry Brown announced this week will take effect on Jan. 1.

Growing Funding Crisis

Medi-Cal leader: Beneficiaries may lose doctors

How do you cut public health care services and expand them at the same time? That’s the challenge Toby Douglas faces as he navigates Medi-Cal through drastic state budget cuts and prepares the program to enroll up to 3 million more people under...

Home alone

Employees worry about elderly, jobs in bleak future for Adult Day Health Care

Zarine Tarayan, program director of Felices Dias (Happy Days), Adult Day Health Care Center in South Los Angeles, is not happy these days.


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