Affordable Care Act

The ACA in California one year in

Saving big time with Obamacare (Video)

Gail Fulbeck, 64, relies on her body for work. She hauls soda, energy drinks, snacks and water to the 23 vending machines she owns around downtown Sacramento.

The ACA in California one year in

Some California Views of Health Reform

Government officials, insurance representatives, and regular folks speak out about the Affordable Care Act one year in.

The ACA in California one year in

Treating the Newly Insured: A Doctor's Story (Video)

Dr. Hector Flores marvels at the impact of the Affordable Care Act on his Montebello family practice. The number of uninsured patients, he says, has been cut almost in half.

Ask Emily

It’s not easy to check out of Hotel Covered California

In my previous column, I explained that you become ineligible for Covered California’s tax credits when you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare.

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New to Medicare? Drop Covered California Fast

It’s open-enrollment season again, and I’m not just talking about Covered California.

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Ask Emily on Capital Public Radio: Tips for Open Enrollment II

Open enrollment for Covered California and the private market begins Nov. 15 and goes through Feb. 15, 2015. What do consumers need to know when choosing health insurance this year?

Health Provider Survival Strategy: Get Bigger

Lots of federal money fuels the Affordable Care Act. But along with it comes new imperatives that effectively put local health plans and providers in a Darwinian struggle for solvency. And like many such struggles, getting bigger may be the fastest...


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