Rethinking Early Childbirth

Rethinking the definition of "term" pregnancy

Obstetricians hear it from their pregnant patients all the time: My back hurts. I’m swollen. I’m exhausted. Get this baby out of me! “Why do I have to wait for 39 weeks if 37 is good enough?” some have asked Elliott Main, chairman of the ob-gyn...

Rethinking Early Childbirth

Small hospitals targeting early births, too

Not all of the California hospitals cracking down on early elective births are urban behemoths that deliver thousands of babies a year. Small ones are taking action, too.

Rethinking Early Childbirth

Dramatic gains by California hospitals in reducing early deliveries

Some California hospitals are dramatically reducing early elective deliveries of babies, saying that scheduling births for convenience must end. Citing dangers for both mother and child, these hospitals are prohibiting doctors from scheduling...

Teen births still falling

In the face of an ongoing budget crisis and cuts to health programs statewide, one heartening trend shows no sign of abating: Teen births in California continue to drop.

California v. Texas in teen pregnancy: California wins

Why has California’s teen birth rate fallen faster than the teen birth rate in Texas, a state that shares some demographic similarities?

Teen Pregnancy: What is California Doing Right?

For once, the question is not “What is California doing wrong?” The questions is “What is California doing right?”


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