California Assembly favors better dental care for poor children -- and something else

The California Assembly last month voted overwhelmingly to support the Virtual Dental Home. The bill is now in Senate committee. What kind of program gets such strong support from both sides of the aisle?  

Youth in Trouble

Hospitalizations way up for California’s youngest residents

In recent years, Dr. Jason Bynum has seen the churn: teens in crisis cycling through his south Sacramento psychiatric hospital, admitted, released, and just a few months down the road, back with another breakdown.

Lead paint’s harm: A judge’s ruling may benefit thousands of poor children

It took 13 years and far too much paint licked by youngsters like Antonio for mitigation monies to be ordered, but this week a judge potentially changed the lives of thousands of mostly poor California children.

Cavity Kids Revisited

Sacramento, Los Angeles dental plans show improvement

Dental managed care plans that came under fire last year for failing to treat large numbers of poor children in Sacramento and Los Angeles counties have made significant strides toward getting those children into dentists’ chairs, according to a...

Desperate for Doctors

Community’s generosity to struggling family brings grandmother to tears

In Bakersfield, one good deed often begets another. A prime example presented itself this week when Caroline and Elwood Elliott set out to fix Pamela Mayfield’s truck.

Newborn Promise

Key to infant health: reducing stress on mom before pregnancy

A consistent theme has emerged from the federal Healthy Start program since its founding in 1991: Infant mortality is not tackled during the 9 months of a woman’s pregnancy alone.

Newborn Promise

On the streets of Oakland, new hope for black infants

In the roughest neighborhoods of Oakland, Sandra Tramiel carries a baby scale in her knapsack as she undertakes a profound mission: saving Alameda County's black children from death before their first birthday.

Newborn Promise

San Francisco struggles to match California’s gains on black infant mortality

After an agonizingly long fight to reduce the high death rate of African American newborns, California is beginning to make progress against a century-long racial disparity. The state's infant mortality rate among blacks fell 21 percent between...

Care foiled by Sacramento failure

Sacramento failure stalls CA dental plan for Healthy Families kids

Cash-strapped California is aggressively moving its poorest residents to managed health care, whether they’re seniors, rural residents or people with disabilities.


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