Cost of Care

Can young invincibles clear Obamacare's hurdles?

Cody Drabble, 28, initially considered himself one of the “young invincibles,” a member in good standing of the younger generation who are 

Deadly Paint

Lead paint still a hazard for most vulnerable kids

Children’s advocates are hoping for a big Christmas present this year – a billion dollars to remove toxic lead paint from homes. A Santa Clara Superior Court judge has until the end of the year to decide if paint companies should pay to get rid of...

Two years later

Medicare says medical equipment costs down under pilot program in San Bernardino

A two-year Medicare cost-cutting experiment in San Bernardino and other areas has been wildly successful, officials say, reducing the price of certain medical equipment by 42 percent and saving the government and taxpayers more than $200 million...

Booming Clinics

Community health centers on the rise in California

Joe Castel never pictured himself driving to Skid Row to visit his doctor. But the 49-year-old Pasadena resident is a contract employee with the government agency FEMA and that job does not provide health insurance. So when his friend, the CEO of...

Mental Breakdown

Mental health care breaking down in Stanislaus

They appear here after every other door has been shut on them. Some are haunted by multiple voices or schizophrenia, others paralyzed by anxiety and depression. Inside this simply furnished room at the Stanislaus chapter office of the National...

Health Care 911

Can a frequent user break the syndrome?

The needle kisses Joan Kloh’s skin, and she is about to inject the meth it offers into her weather-beaten, twisted rope of an arm. She is with street “friends,” who have joined her in feeding various addictions through each doorway of a derelict...

Health Care 911

Rebuilding lives to reduce ER use

The pitchman for San Diego’s effort to reverse the cycle of 911 calls from the city’s homeless enclaves makes no apologies for his fiscal-first approach. Brian Maienschein, commissioner for United Way’s plan to end chronic homelessness, and...

Health Care 911

Frequent users burden ER doctors

Behind the curtain of an exam room at the UC San Diego Hillcrest emergency department, Dr. James Dunford attempts to coax the truth from a woman who is a stereotype of drug-seeking behavior.


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