Hospital Safety

Safety Net Hospitals

Local hospitals hit hard by Medicare fines

Three hospitals in Ventura County rank among California’s 25 most heavily fined hospitals in Medicare programs that tie penalties to quality of care.

Safety Net Hospitals

Safety Net Hospitals Hit Hardest by Medicare Fines

Hospitals that treat California's poorest patients, including local ones, are faring badly under the Affordable Care Act's drive to improve quality.

Deadly Neglect (Part III)

Senate panel oks raising top fine on assisted living centers to 15k

The maximum fine for health and safety violations at assisted-living centers would grow 100-fold under overhaul legislation approved by a key Senate committee on Thursday.

Quake Breakdown

Hospitals respond to earthquake readiness survey

In a marked turnaround from a prior survey, more than 90 percent of California’s hospitals have provided key information sought by state and federal officials about their preparedness for earthquakes and other disasters.


Getting ready for emergency care for the elderly

There is no dispute here – the elderly are coming and in unprecedented numbers. Their arrival promises to have a lasting impact on California’s health system.

Deadly Neglect (Part III)

Lawmakers hear assisted-living concerns

State regulators are fundamentally failing residents of assisted living homes for the elderly, leading to abuse, neglect and death, according to testimony on Tuesday at two legislative hearings.

Infection Accounting

State infection accounting faces daunting challenges

When California health officials recently announced a 10 percent annual drop in hospital central line infections, they did not mention that they had found flaws in the facilities’ reporting of an illness that can kill up to one in four infected...

At last

Impact of 'California fights infections'

Deborah Schoch's reporting had a significant impact on the California Department of Public Health and its commitment to providing consumers with helpful information.

Deadly risks

California hospitals share data with each other

When I first heard that some surgeons don’t know how often their patients have major complications or die from a procedure, it was hard to believe.

Deadly risks

How the surgery study was conducted

For this study, Stanford professor Laurence Baker analyzed five years of statewide hospital (and some outpatient) discharge data from the&


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