Hospital Safety

Fault Lines

Kindred Healthcare on slow path to retrofits

For at least seven years, Kindred Healthcare has been talking with state regulators about how to fix a building at Kindred Hospital Ontario that poses one of the highest collapse risks in the state.

Fault Lines

Loma Linda to construct new towers by 2020

If a major earthquake rocks San Bernardino County, it could wreak serious damage to two of the cream-walled buildings at the core of Loma Linda University Medical Center’s main campus.

Fault Lines

No closer to funding mandate

Despite the near certainty of a major earthquake at some point in California's future - and the risk of collapsing hospital buildings -- lawmakers have not made a broad-based attempt to secure public financing to help hospitals meet stringent...

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Redlands hospital to spend $11 million in seismic upgrades

A corridor at Redlands Community Hospital has spurred debate between its administrators and the state regulators that oversee hospital earthquake readiness.
Hospitals in shaking zones

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Dozens of hospitals remain at risk at quake hot spot

When the 1994 Northridge earthquake damaged 11 hospitals, California legislators issued an ultimatum to hospital owners statewide:  Fix your highest-risk buildings by New Year’s Day 2008 or the state will shut them down.
Seismic construction

Fault Lines

Photo Gallery: Seismic construction at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital

Please click here to see the photo gallery assembled by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

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Hospital readiness on shaky ground

Recent earthquakes - in Chile, Peru and Japan - have shown that even if a hospital's walls survive the shaking, it may suffer internal damage to pipes and equipment, shutting off water and power and leaving hundreds of injured residents without a...

Fault Lines

Hospitals prepare for the Big One with emergency plans, field tents

A devastating earthquake in Southern California would almost certainly collapse bridges, destroy roads and render hundreds of hospital beds useless, while leaving tens of thousands in need of medical care.

Fault Lines

How hospitals rate in quake readiness

California regulators grade the earthquake vulnerability of hospitals with a five-point rating system. The top rating for nonstructural readiness is a "5," meaning that a facility can operate on its own for at least 72 hours, with fuel and water on...

Fault Lines

Close to the fault: how some area hospitals rate

California regulators grade the earthquake vulnerability of hospitals with a five-point rating system.


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