Viewpoints: New Medical Price Databases may help consumers drive down costs

Health care consumers – and that means all of us – need to get ready for the next reform: transparency. It’s a word with a great positive vibe. It means we might get to understand how hospitals and doctors and labs bill us, and how that compares to...

Can 3 million newly insured fit into current system?

California’s resounding success in enrolling residents in Obamacare health insurance policies and expanded Medi-Cal coverage—a total of nearly 3 million people—is bumping up against the next Big Question: can these new enrollees use their insurance...

Pharmacists' New Roles

Increased responsibility pays health dividends

Jose Navarro regularly trekked to the drugstore after being diagnosed as a diabetic seven years ago. In a sign of transformation in the local fight against diabetes, the pharmacist is now coming to him.

A singer's Obamacare lament

When we last spoke with leukemia patient Carol Kroger, she had resolved to apply for the state-run health reform exchange Covered California, hoping to escape the rising premiums of her private plan.

Ask Emily

Ask Emily on KALW's Your Call: What do you need to know about Obamacare?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, five million people have now signed up for plans through government health insurance exchanges. That number could reach six million by the March 31 deadline.

A "Dreamers" chance at Obamacare

Despite persistent claims that Obamacare provides health insurance to undocumented immigrants, an estimated 1 million of them in California and

Assisting Doctors

Obamacare spotlights need for nurse practitioners, physician assistants

His wife caught the flu and was treated at Summit Urgent Care in Palmdale. Then his daughter became ill and sought treatment at the facility. Now it was his turn.

Health Reform in Hollywood

Performers' hopes tempered by sober realities

Before her injury, dancer Chisa Yamaguchi could catapult 12 feet in the air from a towering stage structure, but Hollywood’s brass ring of health insurance was always out of reach. Then came Obamacare.

The Un-Enrolled

A million Californians could continue using ERs

This health center on California’s Central Coast serves as a laboratory for the issues facing health reform’s rollout: the working poor come not only for treatment, but to navigate the intricacies of the new public health system.

Health records and privacy: Perils in the digital age

When Northern California’s Sutter Health announced recently that it had become the latest in a growing list of health care providers to lose some of its p


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