Jones: Don't expect miracles on health insurance rates

From the day he was sworn in as California’s new insurance commissioner, Dave Jones has come out swinging. His primary target? Health insurers.

Premiums going up? New state law may help. Or not.

A new state law that kicked in Jan. 1 requires health insurers to give regulators more detailed information before they raise premiums, and to show whether those rate increases are “reasonable” or “unreasonable.”

Latinos and health care reform

California Latinos big winners in health reform

In the two years since Maria Elena Núñez lost her health coverage, she has begun limping through stinging foot pain – a symptom of the diabetes that killed her father, debilitates her sister, and is found disproportionately among Latinos.

Latinos and health care reform

Who Qualifies

Latinos are by far the largest single group affected by health reform in California – even after subtracting undocumented immigrants who are excluded from all major provisions of reform and a segment of legal permanent residents who may be excluded...

Riverside County

Medi-Cal Mess

Riverside County's deficient handling of health care for the poor is unacceptable. County supervisors should be asking tough questions about why the county cannot meet federal standards for handling Medi-Cal claims promptly, and demanding solutions...

Young adults get a break with their parents' insurance

LA Daily News: Young people get a break with their parents' insurance

Nikki Roberts, a stylish production assistant, says she is still astonished to have landed on her feet in Hollywood.

Young adults get a break with their parents' insurance

Neon Tommy version: Health Insurance Help On The Way For Young Adults

Burbank screenwriter-waiter Charlie Biscotto, 24, is a member of a burgeoning sector of the U.S. economy: young, well educated and uninsured.

Young adults get a break with their parents' insurance

Provision in new federal health reform law may let young adults up to 26 return to families' medical plans (Pasadena Star-News version)

Benin Marshall, 19, paid a price for his high school diploma. After graduating from Pasadena High School last year, he was bounced from his mother's health insurance plan. He regained coverage as a full-time student at Pasadena City College, he...


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