Young adults get a break with their parents' insurance

San Gabriel Valley Tribune/ Whittier News version

Tatiana Rangel, 20, of El Monte says that her life is "on hold."

Young adults get a break with their parents' insurance

Young Adult Vignettes

Tatiana Rangel says that her life is "on hold." She's waiting to hear if she's gotten into certain classes at Pasadena City College required for her major. She's waiting to hear if she's gotten a job at the new Yogurtland in Pico Rivera. And she's...

Midlife crisis

County programs offer lifeline to uninsured boomers

Richard Corney was driving on a four-lane freeway in Austin, Texas, when his blood sugar went volcanic, temporarily blinding him. Cars and trucks blended into a fog of gray, forcing him to pull over.

Midlife crisis

Doctors pull extra shifts at crowded free clinics

After pulling a 12-hour hospital shift the night before, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw was one of three physicians able to show up on time for a weekly 6:30 p.m. opening of the Westminster Free Clinic.

Midlife crisis

Jack's Story: Suffering stroke, he traveled across county for cheaper care

Jack Rowe couldn’t speak a sentence, couldn’t walk without help, could only rub the sides of his head and stare blindly at his cell phone. He was suffering a stroke. His mind, mobility, possibly his life, depended on getting care.

Midlife crisis

Carol's Story: Long, breathless wait for an inhaler

Carol Cadoo walked out of the Simi Valley Free Clinic empty-handed late on a Monday afternoon, leaned against her Dodge Stratus and cried.

Midlife crisis

Healthcare outlook more bleak for baby boomer women

With her thyroid medication and glaucoma drops rapidly becoming luxuries she cannot afford, Janelle Endy strode as confidently as she could through a temp agency door.

Midlife crisis

Nancy and Philip's Story: Insurance is peace of mind, and money wasted

Staring at the same computer in a crowded career center, looking for but not finding job leads, Nancy Van Dyk and Philip Lowerre debated Mars and Venus. Both are uninsured.

Midlife crisis

Nora's Story: Blind, uninsured and 6 years to Medicare

Nora Chao walked along Alamo Road in Simi Valley as if it were booby-trapped, tapping her way with a cane, linking arms with her husband, leaning against him.

Midlife crisis

About the Midlife Crisis project

The Ventura County Star and the California HealthCare Foundation Center for Health Reporting teamed up for this three-day series on the alarming increase of uninsured baby boomers scrambling for healthcare.


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