Mental Health

Dr. Mark Ragins and Summer McLane

Mental Health Peers

A pioneer sees the patient's perspective

Dr. Mark Ragins thrusts his palm forward, like a traffic cop instructing cars to stop. He’s discussing the struggles of mental health treatment in California, and tells a story about a patient who reinforces his belief in a different model.
Maria Antunez of Fresno

Mental Health Peers

Mental health team embedded in primary care

The depression started after Maria Antunez was diagnosed with breast cancer. Without warning, tears would fall and not stop.
Steven Moyer plays a video game

Mental Health Peers

Patient, Heal Thyself

Steven Moyer was prescribed anti-depression medication to help him focus on a new start, but the teenager swallowed the pills in search of an end.
Rick Warren and Bishop Kevin Vann

Mental Illness

Viewpoints: Rick Warren starts church-based campaign against mental illness

Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, founders of the 22,000-member Saddleback Church in Orange County, lost their 27-year-old son Matthew to suicide a year ago. After several months in retreat, they emerged to preach about the power of faith and prayer in...

Youth in Trouble

Hospitalizations way up for California’s youngest residents

In recent years, Dr. Jason Bynum has seen the churn: teens in crisis cycling through his south Sacramento psychiatric hospital, admitted, released, and just a few months down the road, back with another breakdown.

Suicide Prevention

Born again after trying to end it all

John survived his suicide attempt. Martina Castillo threatened to take her own life. Both ended up in Sutter General’s Emergency Department in Sacramento.

Suicide Prevention

Preventing subsequent suicide attempts one phone call at a time

Every day in California, nine people die by suicide. It’s the 10th leading cause of death in the state and nationwide. According to a recent study, More than half a million adults in California seriously thought about killing themselves in 2009. It’...

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Resources

US toll-free 24/7 hotline. 1-800-273-8255


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