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Houses of Blues

Falling Down: Woman, 66, faces fears day and night as foreclosure looms

It became clear when the fall from her bed left a gaping hole in her mouth: the stress from imminent foreclosure had taken over her thoughts -- day and night.

Houses of Blues

Foreclosures take heavy toll on hearts and minds

Two weeks ago, a retired telephone company worker named Ethelda Lopez watched as her dream retirement home was auctioned off on the lawn outside a county courthouse in downtown Merced.

Houses of Blues

From courthouse steps, woman sees dream dissolve

ATWATER -- Ethelda Lopez, her husband, teenage daughter and two dogs still live in their four-bedroom, three-bath brown ranch home in Atwater's countryside -- but much has changed.

Houses of Blues

Out of job, out of home?

"I knew just looking around my neighborhood that a lot of people would be losing their homes. I never thought I'd be one of them." Then, the unimaginable happened: she lost her job.

Houses of Blues

Renters, beware of trapdoor

For the Matthews family, it's already a tight fit. But it promises to get tighter -- and more stressful.


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