Opinions, observations and feelings about the prospective closure of up to 300 Adult Day Health Care Centers across the state

“This has never been done before in any state in the United States. We are the only state that has completely shut down an entire adult day health care community for Medicaid patients. It’s an experiment – and they’re experimenting with the most vulnerable of folks.”

– Lydia Missaelides, Executive Director of the California Association for Adult Day Services


“The state’s problem is it’s seriously short of funds, so it eliminated the benefit. When the benefit went away, the transference to managed care certainly helps. But it doesn’t fully substitute for what is lost.”

– Patrick Johnston, President of CA Association of Health Plans


“My point is, all these people sitting in these offices, what do they feel is going to happen to them when they get to be our age?”

-Daisy Moorer, 71, a breast cancer survivor who suffers from osteoarthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. She attends Graceful Senescence in Willowbrook.


“If they can’t receive the services that they have, they’ll end up dying. Certainly, if the state is looking for cost effective measures, when people die I guess that’s the way they’re going to be able to save money.”

– Rigo Saborio, president and CEO of St. Barnabas Senior Services in central Los Angeles.


“What’s going to happen with me?”

– Jose Niño, 68, who attends AltaMed in Lincoln Heights. Niño worked as a bus driver until he had a stroke in June of 2009.

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