Bill by bill: Assisted living reform package

This article originally appeared in the U-T San Diego

The California Legislature has acted on 17 bills proposed this year to reform regulation of assisted living homes. This chart shows what bills legislators have passed or rejected, and which have been signed so far by Gov. Jerry Brown.


·       SB 895: PASSED. Oversight. Homes would have 10 days to fix problems found in state inspections. State would have to guide consumers to paper inspection reports in local office and post them online by 2020. Originally required DSS to inspect homes every year, compared to every five years, the rule today, but state said costs were prohibitive. Author: Ellen M. Corbett (D-San Leandro)

·       SB 911: PASSED. Staff training. Requires more training for facility managers and staff. Provides for medical care for residents with certain health conditions. Author: Marty Block (D-San Diego)

·       SB 1153: PASSED. Admissions. 
Would allow the state to suspend new admissions to a facility that has not immediately fixed major violations, or has not paid a state fine after losing an appeal. Author: Mark Leno (D-San Francisco)

·       SB 1382: PASSED. Higher Fees. Calls for an increase in facility licensing fees by about 9 to 10 percent, on top of an existing state increase of 10 percent. Author: Marty Block (D-San Diego)


·       AB 1436: DIED. Records. Would have required that that regulators post all inspection reports, violations and other records for every facility on a state website. Author: Marie Waldron (R-Escondido)

·       AB 1454: DIED. Visits. Would have required that all licensed community care facilities, including assisted living homes, receive annual, unannounced visits. Author: Ian C. Calderon (D-Whittier)

·       AB 1523: SIGNED. Insurance. Assisted living homes would be required to purchase liability insurance. Authors: Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego), Shirley N. Weber (D-San Diego)

·       AB 1554: DIED. Complaints. State would be mandated to investigate complaints more quickly, track them and notify complainants of the results. Author: Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley)

·       AB 1570: PASSED. Training. More training would be required for home administrators, staff who care for residents, and for staff treating residents with dementia. Author: Wesley Chesbro (D-Santa Rosa)

·       AB 1571: DIED. On-line consumer system. DSS would have to create an on-line system so that consumers could check details on licenses, violations, complaints and other information on facilities. Author: Susan Eggman (D-Stockton)

·       AB 1572: SIGNED. Councils. This bill, signed by Gov. Brown in July, will strengthen laws for resident and family councils in assisted living homes. Author: Susan Eggman (D-Stockton)

·       AB 1899: PASSED. License ban. Mandates that if an operator’s license is revoked or given up for abandoning a facility, that operator would be ineligible to have the license reinstated. Author: Cheryl R. Brown (D-San Bernardino)

·       AB 2044: PASSED. Round-the-clock supervision: A supervisor or trained substitute would be required at the facility 24 hours a day. Author: Freddie Rodriguez (D-Chino)

·       AB 2162: DIED. Fire sprinklers. Would have mandated that assisted living homes install automatic, approved sprinkler systems by 2019. Author: Steve Fox (D-Palmdale)

·       AB 2171: PASSED. Resident Bill of Rights: Would establish a rights bill similar to the current bill protecting nursing home residents, with rights such as privacy and 90-day transfer, eviction notice. Author: Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont)

·       AB 2236: PASSED. Higher fines. Would increase some fines levied against assisted living and other DSS-regulated homes that violate regulations, now set at a maximum of $150. Top fine in a violation causing assisted living resident’s death would rise to $15,000, serious injury to $10,000. Authors: Brian Maienschein (R-San Diego), Mark Stone (D-Monterey)

·       AB 2632: PASSED. Criminal checks. Tightens rules for criminal screening of potential employees at assisted living and other community care homes. Author: Brian Maienschein (R-San Diego)

Note: More information on each bill can be found by searching the bill number at the state government site.

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