Huntington Hospital years away from plans to address at-risk buildings

This story originally appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Though Huntington Memorial Hospital opened a new patient care tower in 2008, the 626-bed, not-for-profit hospital still has at least half a dozen buildings at risk of collapse in the event of a major earthquake.

A state report from 2010 says seven buildings at the Pasadena hospital are rated a “1,”  the lowest rating on the state’s five-point scale of measuring how likely a hospital facility is to collapse in a major earthquake.

One of those buildings, the Valentine Building, has a 8.24 percent chance of collapsing, according to state measurements. And a service building has 7.15 percent chance of collapsing, while the Wingate and Hahn buildings were rated a 3.94 percent chance, according to the state.

The Valentine building and other several other at-risk buildings are slated for demolition, but not until 2018 or beyond, according to hospital public relations director Andrea Stradling.

The Wingate and Hahn buildings will be retrofitted by 2015-2018, Stradling said. And the hospital is also planning to construct a new tower, beginning in 2018.

The service building will not be addressed because it does not house patients, Stradling said.

The construction plans are part of a Master Development Plan the hospital submitted to the City of Pasadena for review, according to Bruce Kuch, senior Director of Construction Management, Bruce Kuch.

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