Ask Emily on Capitol Public Radio: Open Enrollment II

This segment originally appeared on Capitol Public Radio's Insight program

Open enrollment for Covered California and the private market begins Nov. 15 and goes through Feb. 15, 2015. What do consumers need to know when choosing health insurance this year? Emily Bazar joins guest host Rick Kushman on Insight to talk about what has changed, and not changed, for the second open enrollment season. 

Ask Emily On Take Two: The lesser-known cost-sharing subsidies

This segment originally aired on KPCC's Take Two program. You’re probably familiar with Obamacare’s tax credits that will reduce the cost of health insurance premiums for some people. On Take Two, columnist Emily...

Obamacare and your taxes: Ask Emily tells KPCC listeners how they mix

This piece originally aired on KPCC's Take Two. Like it or not, the Affordable Care Act and our tax system are inextricably linked. In her regular segment on KPCC’s Take Two, journalist Emily Bazar explains some important tax...

Ask Emily on KPCC’s Take Two: How do you calculate your income for Obamacare?

This piece originally aired on KPCC's Take Two. Now that Obamacare open enrollment is here, many of you have urgent questions about how to sign up. Ask Emily answers some of those questions on KPCC. Here’s one: What income is...

Ask Emily explains tax credits, provider networks and other Obamacare terms on KPCC

This story originally aired on KPCC's Take Two. Obamacare is full of Byzantine terms such as tax credits and provider networks. Ask Emily tells KPCC’s Take Two what these terms mean, and what they mean for you. She also...


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