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Prescription for Success: Caring

When pharmacist Steve Chen first saw him, Mike Metcalfe was straight out of a hospital ward following an eight-day diabetic coma.  He was 50, homeless, weighed 300 pounds, and his doctor had given up on him
Rick Warren and Bishop Kevin Vann

Viewpoints: Rick Warren starts church-based campaign against mental illness

Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, founders of the 22,000-member Saddleback Church in Orange County, lost their 27-year-old son Matthew to suicide a year ago. After several months in retreat, they emerged to preach about the power of faith and prayer in...

Getting ready for emergency care for the elderly

There is no dispute here – the elderly are coming and in unprecedented numbers. Their arrival promises to have a lasting impact on California’s health system.


A garden in Pasadena's "food desert" may help battle diabetes

The deck is stacked against many young Californians when it comes to diabetes.

A singer's Obamacare lament

When we last spoke with leukemia patient Carol Kroger, she had resolved to apply for the state-run health reform exchange Covered California, hoping to escape the rising premiums of her private plan.

Is another epidemic coming?

Is another infectious disease about to run rampant in California?

A "Dreamers" chance at Obamacare

Despite persistent claims that Obamacare provides health insurance to undocumented immigrants, an estimated 1 million of them in California and

California Assembly favors better dental care for poor children -- and something else

The California Assembly last month voted overwhelmingly to support the Virtual Dental Home. The bill is now in Senate committee. What kind of program gets such strong support from both sides of the aisle?  


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