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Is another epidemic coming?

Is another infectious disease about to run rampant in California? A year ago the state Department of Public Health had reported 3 cases of measles; this year 32. Los Angeles Orange and Riverside counties are home to 21 of the 32 cases.

A "Dreamers" chance at Obamacare

Despite persistent claims that Obamacare provides health insurance to undocumented immigrants, an estimated 1 million of them in California and

California Assembly favors better dental care for poor children -- and something else

The California Assembly last month voted overwhelmingly to support the Virtual Dental Home. The bill is now in Senate committee. What kind of program gets such strong support from both sides of the aisle?  

Journalism steps up

It’s not often that I yearn to see our state Legislature in action, but I was drawn to tune in to cable Tuesday morning to watch the Human Services Committee Joint Legislative Hearing.

Can young invincibles clear Obamacare's hurdles?

Cody Drabble, 28, initially considered himself one of the “young invincibles,” a member in good standing of the younger generation who are 

Lead paint’s harm: A judge’s ruling may benefit thousands of poor children

It took 13 years and far too much paint licked by youngsters like Antonio for mitigation monies to be ordered, but this week a judge potentially changed the lives of thousands of mostly poor California children.

Paradox: Latinos like Obamacare, but enrollment lags

A USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll last month noted that California’s Latinos overwhelmingly favor Obamacare

Watch Out for the Cliff in the Affordable Care Act

For the 38 million Americans aged 55 to 64, there is much to like about the Affordable Care Act. But there is also a trap door that could cost some of them thousands of dollars. First, the upside: 

Old newspaper front page reveals President Clinton grappling with Obamacare-like health reform issues

I’m cleaning out my garage and stumble on a huge bag of old newspapers I’ve saved over the years. I find myself staring at a front page of the Los Angeles Times. Date: Friday, September 17, 1993.

How Willie Miles died: The rest of the story

Last week brought a resolution of sorts to a horrific story of a patient’s death following knee surgery at Los Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Cente
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