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California offers little for young people with mental health issues

| October 18, 2015
This story originally appeared in the Ventura County Star.

Marin lags among counties in providing eye care to low-income children

| October 9, 2015
This story originally appeared in the Marin Independent Journal.

Faces of mental illness, 3 years later: Jim Christiansen

| October 7, 2015
Jim Christiansen manages his bipolar disorder by painting, getting massage therapy and going to support groups.
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Measles outbreak: Low vaccination rates at some Bay Area schools raise alarm

With alarm over the Disneyland measles outbreak growing across California, almost 5,000 kindergartners enrolled in Bay Area schools are without proof they've been fully vaccinated, a major concern as the highly infectious disease continues to spread.
Cheri Flores brushes son Julian's aching teeth in early December. The boy developed decay as a toddler from falling asleep while drinking a bottle. She says he wasn't seen at 1 1/2 on his first dental visit or at two subsequent appointments. (Lezlie Sterl

Cavity Kids

'Model' dental program proves painful for kids

Almost two decades ago, the state made Sacramento County the testing ground for a new model of delivering dental care to poor children. Officials envisioned a managed care system that would control costs and improve children's ability to see a...


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