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Losing teeth

She keeps her teeth in a box – evidence of a system that failed her

Karen Wadsack stores her collection of broken teeth inside a tiny box.

Diabetes grips Southern California

Diabetes crisis grips Southern California

Cooke, a clinical dietitian at Loma Linda University Health Care, recently discovered that about 70 percent of all patients who enter Loma Linda University Medical Center are diabetic.

Lonely Seniors

Seniors find lifeline in phone support groups

A small nonprofit is among several organizations in the region striving to tackle a growing and frequently unrecognized problem among seniors: loneliness and social isolation.

House Calls

Garden Grove nurses' house calls program helps seniors prolong independence

GARDEN GROVE — Kelly Baik plopped two large plastic Tupperware containers in front of Nelson Tran and Loan Nguyen, who were seated at the kitchen island. Baik opened one, picked out an amber-colored bottle and rattled it.

House Calls

Profile: Mallory Vega, Executive Director, Acacia Adult Day Services

“With the demographics that we were seeing, we felt that it was a program that would go on forever,” Vega said. “People were starting to say, ‘Hark! The boomers are coming, the boomers are coming.’”

House Calls

Profile: Natalie Franks, Activities and nutrition supervisor, Acacia Adult Day Services

Franks, 36, is now the Activities and Food Supervisor at the center, and life there is even more meaningful than she imagined. The elderly population she serves now includes her grandfather Manuel Lopez Ornelas Jr., 83, who has been diagnosed with...

House Calls

Profile: Steve Pearson and Zelda, Caregivers, Acacia Adult Day Services

“She is such a loving dog,” Pearson said. “I tried to give her treats to get her to do something, didn’t work. Gave her a hug and a rub, told her you loved her, and she’d do anything.”

Daily Bread

In rural north state, more seniors depend on government for daily meals

According to a recent study, over half the single seniors in Plumas County and neighboring Nevada and Sierra counties do not have the income to sustain a “minimally decent standard of living.”


Teledentistry Could Boost Access to California’s Poor Kids

This story originally appeared in KQED's State of Health.

911 in San Diego

City's costliest 911 user derailed by court order

This story originally appeared in The San Diego Union-Tribune. 


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