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Sowing hope

How a UC Merced school of medicine would differ from traditional urban medical schools

1. Many traditional schools own or operate large urban teaching hospitals where medical students receive clinical training.

Sowing hope

On the front lines, a call for reinforcements

The man from the Congo came to Dr. Silvia Diego's Modesto clinic with seemingly straightforward symptoms: a fever, a cough. But what appeared to be a simple pneumonia did not ease as quickly as it should, and soon the man was on a hospital...

Sowing hope

UC Merced hopes to bring a medical school to the Valley

The medical school would rise like a mirage from the cow pastures and almond groves of Merced County. It would be powered by one of the world's great research universities to serve one of the most doctor-poor regions in the state.

Sowing hope

WWAMI: A rural medicine success story

The WWAMI consortium, started in 1971, has grown into a nationally acclaimed rural medicine program named after its five member states: Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.


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