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Mental Breakdown

Coping with mental illness in Stanislaus County

Economic calamity has a crushing effect on a community’s mental health, resulting in more people seeking treatment for mental illnesses, ranging in severity from depression to suicidal.

Mental Breakdown

Faces of mental illness, 3 years later: Antoinette and Randy Brooks

The Center for Health Reporting found Antoinette Blunt and Randy Brooks in 2012 as part of The Modesto Bee’s reporting on the dilapidated state of mental health treatment in Stanislaus County.

Mental Breakdown

Faces of mental illness, 3 years later: Susan De Souza

Susan De Souza called herself one of the “in-betweens:” people not sick enough to be eligible for public help, but too poor to afford insurance on their own.

Dust and Desperation

How the drought is hurting health

This story originally appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle

Death in Disguise

A broad campaign targets sepsis, which often mimics minor ills

When he started feeling sick one Sunday in early January 2014, Stan Tkaczyk “was mad at myself” for not getting a flu shot.

Ask Emily

Extracting the pain from your dental plan

Brushing and flossing are key to your dental health. So is choosing the right dental coverage.

911 in San Diego

Mixed recovery for top users of 911

Frequent users of San Diego’s 911 services seep into the personal lives of those who endeavor to help them.

911 in San Diego

Paramedics key to reducing 911 use

Community paramedics Anne Jensen and Shawn Percival drove the streets of Hillcrest on a bustling afternoon, when a homeless woman rambled catty-corner through the intersection of 6th and University avenues.

911 in San Diego

243rd ER Trip For San Diego's "Alpha User" of 911

Doctors at the UCSD Hillcrest emergency room discharged San Diego’s most prolific user of 911 at 5:58 on a recent evening, another chapter in a maddening game of catch and release.

Ask Emily

Don't accept drug prices lying down

If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve no doubt heard about the outrageous — and rapidly growing — prices of certain prescription medications.


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