Affordable Care Act


Next goals for health care reform: Controlling costs, assuring quality

Five years after President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, chalk up a Mission Accomplished for one of the legislation’s three primary goals, access to insurance coverage.

Insurance Agents

Many agents still waiting to be paid for Obamacare enrollments

California health insurance agents are by far the most popular way for consumers to enroll in new Obamacare coverage.

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How to find medical care if you're uninsured

About 5 million Californians have new health coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), both through the Covered California health insurance exchange and the expansion of Medi-Cal, California&rsqu

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Millions need to be alert for Medi-Cal renewal

I spend the majority of my time (and space) writing about the new state health insurance exchange, Covered California.

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Obamacare's tax-time lessons

The second round of Obamacare open enrollment is over, but your paperwork may not be. It’s tax time.

Safety Net Hospitals

Local hospitals hit hard by Medicare fines

Three hospitals in Ventura County rank among California’s 25 most heavily fined hospitals in Medicare programs that tie penalties to quality of care.

Safety Net Hospitals

Safety Net Hospitals Hit Hardest by Medicare Fines

Hospitals that treat California's poorest patients, including local ones, are faring badly under the Affordable Care Act's drive to improve quality.

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Small business exchange offline and off target

California has been hailed as national leader in implementing Obamacare, enrolling about 4 million people into Medi-Cal and Covered California since last year.


Medicare strategy would reduce health care costs

After my doctor retired, I got an education in the new ways of American medicine. For more than 30 years, I had my annual physical at his office, where he practiced with a small group of colleagues. The physical followed a routine. He would...

Dental Insurance

Covered California delays adult dental options

California adults hoping to purchase dental coverage through Covered California will have to wait until next year – or later – due to problems with the agency’s computer system.


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