Screening Failure

Worried parents: What's wrong with my child?

This article first appeared in the

Vision for Youth

Marin lags among counties in providing eye care to low-income children

This story originally appeared in the Marin Independent Journal.

Youth in Trouble

California launches audit of mental health services in schools

This article originally appeared in The Sacramento Bee.

Outbreaks on the rise

Vaccination photos: Needles, screams and vials

Needles plunging into arms. Screaming toddlers. A stock image of a vial. These images often illustrate stories about childhood vaccinations. But maybe they shouldn’t.


CalWORKs will reduce welfare if parents don't prove their kids are vaccinated

The outbreaks of measles and whooping cough over the past year put a spotlight on the need to ensure as many children as possible get their immunizations. That effort is getting help from an unlikely source: a state welfare agency that will reduce...


Vaccination rates low at LA County child care centers

In Los Angeles County, which has seen 33 confirmed cases of measles, it’s difficult to determine preschool vaccination rates. Nearly 30 percent of county preschools failed last fall to submit state-required vaccination data.


Undervaccinated children also a public health concern

The recent measles outbreak has raised the temperature of the vaccination debate, vaulting it into the public policy arena.


Measles outbreak: Bay Area day cares show high rates of unvaccinated kids

As new measles cases continuing to surface every week, Bay Area parents are still on high alert.
15-month-old girl gets her first MMR dose. (Lauren M. Whaley/CHCF Center for Health Reporting)


Thousands of kindergarteners enter school with incomplete immunizations

Thousands of kindergartners in Riverside and San Bernardino counties were conditionally enrolled in school this year without being fully vaccinated, state data show. Vaccination rates and policies have come under scrutiny because of the recent...


Vaccination status not necessarily ideological

The mother of an Orange County child who exposed 20 infants to measles last year never intended for her baby to go unvaccinated.


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