Uninsured kids

A parent's worst nightmare: sick child, no insurance

Every parent knows it. The late-night sound of a child coughing uncontrollably. A flushed face that can only mean fever. A normally active child rendered listless by illness.

Uninsured kids

Father looks ahead and hopes for best

SANTA CRUZ -- Mike Welsh doesn't have health insurance.

Uninsured kids

Listening with her heart, Watsonville doctor sees more uninsured kids, worries about their health

WATSONVILLE -- Dr. Madhu Raghavan looks meaningfully at 7-year-old Christian Montoya.

Uninsured kids

Otherwise uninsurable kids find care in Healthy Kids

SANTA CRUZ -- Dina Larsen struggled to find someone willing to insure her baby daughter.

Uninsured kids

Santa Cruz pediatrician: Healthy Kids gives the uninsured 'dignity'

SANTA CRUZ -- Before Healthy Kids was created six years ago, veteran pediatrician Dr. Christine Griger could only see patients whose families had private insurance, Medi-Cal or enough money to pay out-of-pocket.

Uninsured kids

County's safety net clinics feel impact of uninsured kids

Santa Cruz County's safety net health services -- community clinics and hospitals that provide many low-income and uninsured residents with their only medical treatment option -- are starting to see the impact of the area's growing number

Uninsured kids

Funding for kids health care programs unraveling

SANTA CRUZ -- Donna Gilmartin was worried. She'd moved back to Santa Cruz in 2007 and she still had no insurance for her 10-week-old son, Bryce.

Uninsured kids

Pediatrician sees stress in parents' eyes

CAPITOLA -- Increasingly, a lack of access to children's insurance is showing up -- albeit in subtle ways -- in pediatricians' waiting rooms.

Uninsured kids

Santa Cruz County Healthy Kids program once a model plan

Santa Cruz County started its Healthy Kids program in 2004, the ninth county in the state to take concrete steps toward universal health care coverage for all children.


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