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School health centers grow in California

About 20 years ago California was one of the first states to try a new concept of setting up full-service health clinics on school campuses in underserved areas.

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State Senate head's proposal: Give dental choice to poor kids

Seeking to break managed care’s monopoly on dental care for Sacramento County’s poor children, state Senate leader Darrell Steinberg plans to introduce legislation to allow more choice in who kids can see, his aide told the Sacramento County Board...

Scheduling baby's birthday

The Myth of the Big Baby

My friend had been pushing for four hours. “You have a size nine baby coming out of a size seven pelvis,” her doctor said.

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Demands escalate to change kids' dental plan in Sacramento

Political opposition to Sacramento County’s managed care dental program for poor children is mounting, and Thursday was a particularly busy day in the campaign for change. State government officials promised new accountability after elected...

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Health centers at schools get a funding boost

Under the federal health care law, money is going out around the country to help school campuses boost health services for their students. At Abraham Lincoln High School in Los Angeles students often visit a modest trailer at the back of the...

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Schools mirror community's health

When I heard that high school students were regularly missing class because cockroaches were lodged in their ears, it was shocking.

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State health chief vows changes to Sacramento County dental program

The state's Medi-Cal chief, under pressure to improve dental care for Sacramento's poor children, pledged this week to implement changes so kids won't have to wait months to receive treatment for painful, rotted or broken teeth. In response to...

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Sacramento Bee Editor: Fresh look sees flaws in kids' dental plans

Last Sunday's lead story in The Bee carried a byline familiar to longtime readers, that of Jocelyn Wiener. That familiar name, though, came to you through a new form of collaborative journalism. Jocelyn left almost four years ago to travel and live...

Scheduling baby's birthday

KPCC: Childbirth by appointment

Corrie Carroll’s husband travels for work a lot. So, when it came time to give birth to their daughter, the couple made an appointment. Carroll said the experience was perfect. “He arrived home from Europe on a Wednesday night and we drove to the...


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