Elderly Care

Deadly Neglect (Part I)

Advice on searching for a facility

Choosing an assisted living facility can be daunting. Some tips to make the search easier.

Deadly Neglect (Part I)

Advocates say ‘we’re doing what the state should be doing’

Chris Murphy and Chrisy Selder know many of the sordid details by memory. Most Saturdays, they meet at their Hillcrest area office, brew strong cups of Peet’s coffee and go to work investigating local assisted living homes.

Deadly Neglect (Part I)

Deadly neglect at some San Diego County assisted living facilities

Hundreds of seniors in San Diego County have suffered broken bones, deadly bed sores, sexual assaults and other injuries at assisted living homes that promised them care and safety in their waning years, state regulatory records show.

Deadly Neglect (Part I)

Grandson’s aim is to change system

Hazel Mensching died on Feb. 13, six days after tumbling from her wheelchair during a van tour operated by her assisted living facility.

Professional Chaplains

Professional chaplaincy increasing in health circles

As a chaplain, Barbara Adams has walked the halls of Saint John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard for years, providing emotional and spiritual care to patients and their families who have experienced trauma or crisis as a result of a shocking...

Home alone

Alhambra's elderly and disabled keep their center — for now

The announcement was made in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese to scores of seniors and severely disabled adults terrified about how they would soon spend their days.

Home alone

A Partnership With Ethnic Media on Senior Health Stories

At first it seemed pretty improbable. How could six, seven, eight different ethnic media outlets (some publishing in other languages) work together on one story? What one story would be compelling enough to interest them? And how would all the...

Home alone

Riesgo en salud y pérdidas de empleos a consecuencia de los recortes en Medi-Cal en Ca.

Los Ángeles, Ca.- Con el cierre de los Centros de los Servicios del Cuidado de la Salud Diaria en California (ADHC) a partir del 1 de  diciembre, no sólo más de 35 mil personas de la tercera edad serán afectadas en cuestión de salud, sino más


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