Mental Health

Mental Breakdown

Faces of mental illness, 3 years later: Susan De Souza

Susan De Souza called herself one of the “in-betweens:” people not sick enough to be eligible for public help, but too poor to afford insurance on their own.

Mental Health Peers

Tulare County mental health consumer Mark James: Life began when he tried to kill himself

The walnut trees stood abundant and ordered against the night sky, in sharp contrast to the life of Mark James.

Mental Health Peers

Tulare County mental health consumer Mike Rivera: Three months sober from meth addiction

The eyes of Mike Rivera dart from spot to spot, as if there’s a threat around every Visalia street corner.

Mental Health Peers

Tulare County mental health: New way to treat those most ill

Wanda Irons was curled up in the back of the Tulare County Mental Health Department cruiser, sedated for her trip to the Kaweah Delta mental health facility that had become her second home.

Youth in Trouble

Families of mentally ill children struggle for access to residential treatment

The first time Emily tried to kill herself, at age 15, she swallowed the entire contents of a bottle of Prozac, along with some Sudafed and Claritin she found in the medicine cabinet.

Laura's Law Dilemma

A pioneering county tests the limits of 'Laura's Law'

More than a decade later, Carol Stanchfield still recalls the shocking death of Laura Wilcox, a 19-year-old mental health department volunteer who was shot by a patient with a history of evading treatment.
George and Carol Allen

Laura's Law Dilemma

Could Laura's Law have saved Visalia couple's son?

Carol Allen combed through the three-ring binders she kept to document her son's turnstile existence in the mental health system, seeking answers to why his life ended with a shotgun blast by police. The voices of paranoid schizophrenia that first...


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