Mental Health

Deadly risks

Letter from St. Helena

Reporters Emily Bazar and Kelley Weiss submitted several questions about this story to St. Helena Hospital. Here is the hospital’s response.

Broken hearths

Don’t make things worse for children

There is a temptation to romanticize times of economic crisis — to focus on how families learn to get by with less and gain a new appreciation of small pleasures once taken for granted.

Broken hearths

Advice for Mom and Dad is only a phone call away

Bill Spencer has heard a multitude of stories from anxious moms and dads.

Broken hearths

Counselors chart a path back

In the early 1990s, David Draggoo’s stress peaked when he lost his job as a draftsman, forcing him to choose another career in social services and his family to downsize to a smaller home.

Broken hearths

Entrepreneurial program helps teens help their families

Jeremy Ritchie donned a white chef’s frock in Atascadero High School’s teaching kitchen one recent afternoon and whipped up two kinds of pizza and lots of sinful sweets.

Broken hearths

Financial lessons come to the classroom

Taryn Kalman has a baby-sitting clientele of 51 children but still found time to line up $11,000 in scholarships for her first year at Cal Poly.

Broken hearths

Network of Support

Jobs lost. Mortgages in default. Dreams deferred.

Broken hearths

Out of work, but not out of inspiration

Here’s what Dorothy Nelson knew.

Broken hearths

For a San Miguel single mother of four, furlough brings host of fears

Elisa Becerra, a psychiatric technician at the California Men’s Colony for a decade, is accustomed to a certain level of stress. Each work day, upon stepping through the gates, she comes face to face with some of the prison’s most emotionally...


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